Silverette Nursing Cups



SILVERETTE® are nipple shield cups that protects nipples for breastfeeding mothers. It is made from 925 silver and is proven to have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antibacterial benefits. It repairs and prevents the nipple skin from cracks, soreness, wounds and infections.

Wear these little cups in between feeds to prevent, protect and alleviate soreness, blisters and irritation from the result of breastfeeding or pumping.

These cups are essential for mothers who want an effective and natural way to prevent soreness from breastfeeding or pumping. SILVERETTE ® cups are easy and comfortable to use, just pop them over your nipples! No additional creams required. Nipple Balm acts as a barrier between the silver ions and the nipple skin, so make sure you don't use any nipple balm with the SILVERETTE ® cups!

Since 2002, SILVERETTE ® cups have enjoyed a resounding and growing success with mothers, doctors and obstetricians. They are the only and original nursing cups made in Italy by fully licensed silversmiths.

Common FAQs on Silverette


SILVERETTE® Regular is Recommended for:

  • Cup size of either A,B & C with areola about 4.5cm.

SILVERETTE® XL is Recommended for:

  • Areola dimension of more than 4.5cm. The cups will provide more cover, protection and comfort
  • Breast cup above C  

HOW TO USE SILVERETTE ®: Leave a couple of drops of breast milk in each cup at the end of your breastfeeding session and place the cups directly over the nipple. Keep SILVERETTE ® on as long as possible between breastfeeding sessions. Do not use any other nipple creams or lotions when using SILVERETTE ® . Doing so may compromise or reduce the effectiveness of the product.


HOW TO CLEAN SILVERETTE ® CUPS?: Wash them daily with warm water and dry them. If the cups start to tarnish, make a paste using baking soda with a small amount of water and rub the paste on the cups. Rinse thouroughly and the cups will be shiny once again.

WHAT ARE SILVERETTE ® CUPS MADE OF?: SILVERETTE ® cups are made of 925 silver. Silver has healing properties and is used in wound care as a natural antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent.

CAN SILVERETTE ® CUPS BE USED TOGETHER WITH ABSORBENT BREAST PADS?: Yes, you can place the breast pads over the SILVERETTE ® cups. Your nursing bra will hold everything in place.

DOES THE EFFICACY OF SILVERETTE ® CUPS DIMINISH OVER TIME?: No, the efficacy of SILVERETTE ® cups remains the same, no matter how long you use them! You can use your SILVERETTE ® cups for each child that you have and breastfeed.

CAN SILVERETTE ® CUPS BE USED TO PREVENT SORE NIPPLES?: Absolutely! We recommend the use of SILVERETTE ® as a preventive measure for sore, cracked, nursing nipples. Silver is a natural antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal metal that kills bacteria and infections before they start.


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