Books | Bitty Bao (Round 3 Bundle) - Boba Emotions, Foodie Detectives, Hot Pot!


Bitty Bao are cute, high quality bilingual books that helps you learn chinese and chinese culture. 

Bitty Bao Round 3 includes the following titles in simplified chinese:

1) Boba Emotions
  • A book on emotions - Help our boba friends learn about their emotions using a mood meter!
2) Foodie Detectives
  • Use the clues to guess which food is steaming in the steamer!
3) It's Hot Pot Time!
  • Swish, swish!  Making the perfect hot pot meal is easy when you follow step-by-step directions!

All Bitty Bao books include all of the necessary language elements to support each family member wherever they may be in their language learning journey – Engaging pictures for the youngest of readers,  拼音 (Pīn yīn) and English

Board Book | 22 pages |  Approx. 14cm x 14cm

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About Bitty Bao:

Bitty Bao is run by 2 wonderful ladies - Lulu and Lacey with a mission to support families in their journey towards multilingualism through cute books and highlighting fun elements of Chinese culture.  

In September 2020, the first three books: Counting with Dim Sum, Everyday Heroes, and The Colors of Snow Ice was launched. 

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