Everyone wants the very best for our children, beginning from even when they are still in our bellies!

I would like to believe modern mummies are all pretty savvy when it comes to choosing products that give us best value for our buck, and this is how I hope I can be of service to you by sourcing for just exactly that - great quality products for our children at reasonable prices.

Our story began when I started preparing for the arrival of our baby and there were just so many things that my friends told me I needed to buy! Not only that, for each item there were so many types to choose from - some were great, while some were too expensive, or rather I felt the product did not justify the price. So I began to look everywhere for better options and also spoke with many mothers to eventually settle on a list of essential items which I felt were worth buying.

And then I realised, all of us new mothers would be going through the same thing and I wanted to help make this process easier for us.

Hence SavvyMamaSG™ was born - To look for high quality products with best value for money for our children.

I hope to continue learning and growing with every single one of you to help provide the best for our little ones

With Love,