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Bitty Bao are cute, high quality bilingual books that helps you learn chinese and chinese culture. 

Bitty Bao Round 2 includes the following titles in simplified chinese. Perfect for learning the chinese culture!

1) Celebrating Chinese New Year
  • A book about the celebrating the traditions on Chinese New Year. From spirng cleaning to family tree on how to address seniors - this will make the old folks in the family happy! 
2) Lucky Lunar Animals
  • Learn about the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac with this book! Which one are you? 
3) Dragon Boat Festival
  •  Learn about shapes while celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival!

 All Bitty Bao books include all of the necessary language elements to support each family member wherever they may be in their language learning journey – Engaging pictures for the youngest of readers,  拼音 (Pīn yīn) and English

Board Book | 22 pages |  Approx. 14cm x 14cm

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About Bitty Bao:

Bitty Bao is run by 2 wonderful ladies - Lulu and Lacey with a mission to support families in their journey towards multilingualism through cute books and highlighting fun elements of Chinese culture.  

In September 2020, the first three books: Counting with Dim Sum, Everyday Heroes, and The Colors of Snow Ice was launched. 

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