All about the Silverette Nursing Cups

Silverette - Are these as good as what everyone says?

“What is the magic behind these cups? “Are they worth the investment?” These are questions I get asked all the time.

If you’re breastfeeding and struggling with nipple pain, consider getting yourselves a pair of Silverette Nursing Cups. Yes, it is more pricey than the regular nipple balms, but these little babies actually work and can be reused over and over again.  

What is Silverette?
Silverette Cups are made of pure 925 silver in Verona Italy, which is a natural antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial metal that also contains anti-inflammatory agents.
The use of silver in treating wounds has been around for quite some time. Silver dressings are used to provide a steady amount of silver to the wound and provide antimicrobial or antibacterial action. The same concept is applied with the Silverette Nursing Cups to help minimise inflammation, infection, support healing and prevent cracks and soreness that can occur while breastfeeding. Just rinse with warm water and pop them on! 
These are reusable between every nursing/pumping session and beyond for your subsequent children! We love how the cups are perfectly designed to fit under a bra and how it provides protection against fabric abrasion. Simply wash in between use with warm water to remove any residue. If they get tarnished (natural oxidisation of Silver over time), make a paste using bicarbonate of soda and a little bit of water, and rub the mixture on the cups. Rinse thoroughly then dry. They will become sparkly again. 
The Silverette Cups comes in 2 sizes. Feel free to size up for extra comfort and coverage! 
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Here is a Silverette review from a mother of 2: 

I feel like I need to help spread the word because us mamas all deserve a pain-free breastfeeding journey!

From experience with my first child I knew I suffer from ultra-hyper-over-the-top-nipple sensitivity. This second time round was no exception!! Even wearing my bra can cause me to wince. So imagine the pain from direct latching for hours with an imperfect latch and pumping every 2-3 hours! Lactation consultant at the hospital told me Lanolin creams work best, or applying a thin layer of your own breastmilk and letting it dry, to heal blisters, cracks, and soreness. Air drying also works well. But I can’t always just air dry my nipples as it would mean just going topless which isn’t feasible all the time. And if I wear my bra over the blisters, when the time comes for the next pump or feed, the cloth will actually fuse to the blister and you have to rip yourself open. Again. And again. And again.

I actually tried other breast shells made of plastic where you can apply some balm or cream and they don’t work as well. I should have just pooled the costs of my try outs with these other brands and got the Silverette instead long ago With the Silverette, I think they help me heal about 4 times faster! The curved shallow shape is a surprisingly good fit. And because it doesn’t need any balm or cream or ointment, I just wash with warm water, sometimes I don’t even bother to dry them. After every feed I pop them back in. If any friends ask me now I’m gonna say it’s ranked my Top #1 breastfeeding hack no one ever told you about. Hands down the best accessory you can buy. They’re really some kinda magic.

So yep, they are really as good as everyone says they are! 




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