How You Can Prepare for the Fourth Trimester

I always say being pregnant is the easy part. I carry my baby belly wherever I go and when I sleep, we rest together. There's no crying, feeding or cleaning up! Sure there’re aches and discomfort but it's nothing compared to what's coming in the fourth trimester. 

Here are some ways I prepare for my fourth trimester, so when he arrives, hopefully, I’ll be in a great position to enjoy my time with him in a positive manner, keeping stress to a minimal and hopefully, not feeling as overwhelmed this round.

For new parents, it is important to understand What the Fourth Trimester Is, so do read up on it.

1. Educate Yourself And Your Partner On Postpartum Mental Health
Many mothers experience the “baby blues” after giving birth. This is when you’re sad and emotional for no apparent reason due to the change in hormones level. It's important to have positive support to get through it.

2. Eat well
Be it getting a confinement nanny or 
pre-ordering your confinement meals from reputable caterers, it will definitely ease your load while keeping yourself nourished. Call me traditional but I do believe that our body absorbs and replenishes better during the first few weeks after childbirth.

3. Delegate Tasks
Have a support team. Yes, team! A friend who you know will always be there if you need anything, family or childcare to help with the older kids and don't be afraid to get external help to take the load off you. Even if it's just you and your spouse, let him know what you need and be vocal about it.
4. Stock Up
On necessities for the baby/kid(s) and home - Diaper / Wet wipes/ Laundry detergent/ Formula milk... As for moms - pamper yourself with yummy lactation snacks! In this day and age, everything can be done at your fingertips! When I need something urgently like Formula Milk, I'll get it on @foodpandasg, 30 mins later and it's at my doorstep. If I need diapers, I'll
 bulk order them on @shopee_sg. I’d say just get what you need and don't overwhelm yourself with such trivial matters.

5. Let Go Of Unrealistic Expectations
You and your new baby’s well being is priority. Everything else can wait.

6. Lastly, the fourth trimester is a time like no other. Embrace it!

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Written by Mama Cynthia, a working mom to 3 beautiful children, Sophie, Charlotte, and one more, arriving soon! Mama Cynthia also uses her Instagram account to connect and empower other mummies. 


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