Looking to start Cloth Diapering? Here's why you should know and how to get started.

We invited Eunice Lee from the Nappy Nook Cloth Diaper Library Singapore to share about how she decided to do Cloth Diapering, some common FAQs and how you can do it too!

Why made you decide on Cloth Diapering?
We used to live in Australia where it was more common to use cloth diapers. We had several friends using cloth diapers, who would show us how easy it was and also mentioned the cost savings. When our first child was born, disposable diapers were giving him a red bum. We were also throwing away a bag of diapers a day, which made us feel bad about the waste generated. We were visiting a friend one day and she gave us a cloth diaper! It was actually pretty easy to use and wash. That’s how we started cloth diapering.

My child does not have sensitive skin, why should I try Cloth Diapering?
It is super fun! Prints are so cute! Plus no need to wear pants to cover saggy disposables. Also, cloth diapers have no chemicals and dyes, which make it safe for babies. It is environmental friendly as they can be washed and reused. The cost savings can be great as they can be used for multiple children. They can also be resold at the end if still wearable.

What is the most difficult part for you on Cloth Diapering?
Probably the laundry, I do a daily prewash and hang them out to dry, then a main wash (full load) every 3 days. So there’s actually 9 more washes a week. I don’t have a helper, and I have a job and 2 children, thus sometimes I feel there’s quite a lot of laundry. But if you’re only clothing part time or weekends, you can do a prewash every other day and a main wash after 3 to 4 days which reduces laundry loads.

How many diapers do you need?
A good stash for full time diapering, main load wash every 2nd day, would be about 30 diapers. Lesser diapers if you don’t need night diapers. Diapers can be as expensive or as cheap as you wish as long as they are functional (absorbent enough for your child). Do join Cloth Diapering Singapore for more information in the guides about a good number of diapers needed.

What are some of the favourite resources you have on Cloth Diapering?
Definitely join Cloth Diapering Singapore! It is a community of families who are interested in cloth diapering. They have guides on washing, storing soiled diapers, information about different types and systems, and video guides on fits.

Any tips for someone who is considering to start on Cloth Diapering?
- One cloth diaper a day means one less disposable into landfill, every cloth diaper is a success :)
- You can start with one cloth diaper and gradually use more. Prints are fun and cloth is comfortable.
- Have a strong wash routine to keep diapers clean with no stains and stinks. Clean Cloth Nappies recommend an evidence based wash routine.

Thanks for your time, Eunice, for sharing these useful tips! 

Written by: Eunice Lee

Eunice is a mummy of 2 and can be found on Cloth Diapering Singapore. Have other burning questions? Leave a comment and she will be happy to chat!

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