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Take a trip around the world!  Maps of the World combines practical geography (can you locate Ecuador? Jakarta? The Himalayas?) with the joy of travel.  There are SO many features to explore - every country is tappable, airplane icons call out major cities, and illustrations highlight cultural landmarks, delicious foods and natural wonders that inspire us to travel the globe.  

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Book type: Word book

Spreads: United States; North & South America; Europe, Russia & Central Asia; China, East & South Asia; Southeast Asia & Oceania; Africa & The Middle East; The World 

Every inch is tappable: 

  • Tap maps: Explore countries around the world (& continents on the last spread) 
  • Tap text boxes & airplane icons: Learn major cities (airport hubs) across the world  
  • Tap illustrations: Discover cultural and natural landmarks, wildlife, food & more 
  • Tap planes on the last spread:  Hear Haddie & Lulu's world trip itinerary!  
  • Surprise areas: Find the musical tune on each page 

Size: 19.5 cm x 19.5 cm

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