The Practical Art of Postpartum

1. Stop buying things for the nursery and start preparing for postpartum! 

Yay, we’re having a baby! Everyone posts cute photos of babies and their nurseries so all parents-to-be can get a little crazy over shopping. As new parents, it can be overwhelming - so many options! Most people purchase beautiful items for the nursery without thinking twice but tend to hesitate purchasing essentials which could help make your life easier. Here’s a list of essential items which could help you really need for a new mother and baby. 

2. New mothers need support. 

Postpartum is such unknown territory for first time mums especially and even a seasoned mother find it difficult too. What do you as a new mother and baby need postpartum? - nutritious meals, support for postpartum recovery, lactation consultant and help with household chores! 

3. Be kind to yourself.

The reality of postpartum hits and you may get overwhelmed by how demanding a newborn can be and what to expect from your body postpartum. Maybe you end up struggling with breastfeeding, fatigue, bleeding, weight loss etc. Set realistic goals and try not to be too hard on yourself if things do not go as planned. Accept, adjust and make a plan to address your struggles. Put in some effort in self-care and ask for help - it could be as simple as having a break away from baby just to read or exercise, a day of not having to wash baby’s bottles or changing diapers, or even a post-natal massage session! Pro-tip: Be specific in what you want and need from your spouse. 

4. Stock up on postpartum recovery supplies.

Stock up on postpartum recovery supplies ahead of time. These include cooling maternity pads, spray, breastfeeding supplies (Silverette Nursing Cups, LaVie Warming Massager, nursing bras/tops, nursing pillow, nursing chair, breast pump, breast pump flanges), disposable undies, postpartum shapewear. Pack your hospital bag early! Here’s a hospital checklist for reference. Most hospitals provide almost everything you need in the initial days - e.g. baby diapers and wet wipes, remember to bring the leftovers home (you already paid for it)! 

5. Educate yourself.

Knowledge is power - educate yourself about what to expect during the fourth trimester and how to survive the first year of parenthood and prepare for it. Learn to tell the difference between normal and abnormal physical body changes, baby’s poop colour and output, severe diastasis recti and even postpartum depression.

Have you started preparing for postpartum?

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