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Little explorers walk, run and play taking thousands of steps every day. Hard surfaces are rough on small feet and having the right shoes is one of the most important parts of our kids’ movement and well-being.

As part of our mission to get families out together on adventures, we searched the world for the best partner who could make the most comfortable shoes for active kids. We found Gaitline – one of the most innovative shoe companies in the world. The GaitLine sole technology takes care of children's feet in our urban societies by optimizing their balance and weight distribution.

Together, GaitLine x MiniMeis has developed The Game Changer. Good looking, fun and smart shoes with a mission to maximize kids happiness – from step one.


Olympic coach and professional ballet dancer, Håvard Engell has worked with balance and movement his whole life. Throughout his career he has helped both children and Olympic athletes perform optimally.

To assist even more people, he started the Gaitline shoe company and developed a shoe sole that guides your foot throughout the whole step, enhancing your whole physical performance – step by step. It’s called the SGL technology.

The MiniMeis x Gaitline Game Changer shoes were created to help your kids achieve perfect balance while being comfortable and fun at the same time!


We made the Game Changer shoe for kids who love to play all day long – on all kinds of surfaces. They’re breathable, lightweight and durable, with extra toe reinforcements, and velcro straps that will help you get out the door on time.

The shoes are available in four unisex colors, designed to pair perfectly with your MiniMeis carrier + BackPack.

Our goal is to become the kids favorite new kicks!

Product Information:

  • Kids shoes designed by MiniMeis x Gaitline in Oslo, Norway
  • Featuring innovative SGL balance technology
  • Available in 8 kids sizes
  • Pairs perfectly with MiniMeis carrier and BackPack

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