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What have you done that is kind, little one?

This colourful picture book teaches children what kindness is, how it feels, and how to show it to other people. Cheerful and beautifully illustrated, the story follows a bright, kind flower who learns how to spread kindness.

First Emotions: I Feel Kind is a fun and interactive board book for 3-5-year-olds that guides young children on how to understand big emotions through storytelling. Inside you'll find:

- Clear questions directed at young readers that create an interactive learning experience
- Illustrations and bright colours that engage young children
- A simple and easy-to-understand approach to explaining emotions

A wonderful introduction to the emotion, kindness! The book teaches youngsters how little acts of kindness in everyday life can positively impact friends, parents, and teachers. Adorable illustrated characters and minimal text make this feelings book the perfect first book for young children to enjoy.

Through the story and illustrations, children learn emotional intelligence - they are encouraged to show kindness every day and realise that big or small acts make a difference. A healthy dose of warm fuzzy feelings will help young ones flourish and become happy, well-rounded individuals!

DK has published a range of emotions books for toddlers and young children that help parents, carers, and preschool teachers support social and emotional skills. Other books in the series include I Feel Sad, I Feel Proud, I Feel Angry, How Am I Feeling?

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