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et's build bridges instead of walls!

This wordless board book tells the story of some animals who tear down a wall to build a bridge between their community and a community filled with very different animals.

A little mouse innocently plucks a flower from an old wall when a brick comes loose, and he can see through it for the first time. He and the other animals gradually and resolutely remove more and more bricks, until at last they can see another group of animals. Together they use the bricks that once divided them to construct a bridge to join their islands. This clever and touching wordless board book shows that walls can become bridges when everyone works together. It’s a hopeful message that all children should see now.

About Author

Giuliano Ferri is a graduate of the Urbino Institute of Art where he specialised in animation and the award winning illustrator of children's books. His work has been exhibited at Bologna International Children's Book Fair for more than a decade, and in museums around the world. Mr. Ferri also works with young people with disabilities, using animation and comic theater as therapy. He is illustrator of Luke and the Little Seed, Nino's Magical Night, and The Snowball from minedition.

  •  3-5
  •  Board book | 22 pages
  • 8.25 x 0.4 x 8.25 inches | 9.4 ounces
  • 978-9888341184

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