Books | Baobao learns Chinese (Nursery Rhymes) - Volume 1

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Want to spark interest in Chinese in your little ones?
Bao Bao Learns Chinese is a bilingual singalong music book supports early language learning! Research shows songs are the best way for babies to learn languages. As an interactive Chinese children's sound book, you can read, listen and sing along with Bao Bao, the panda, to 6 classic nursery rhymes.

Each song is sung twice, so you can follow along the PinYin with your children and learn Mandarin together!

The durable construction and bright illustrations make this the perfect board book for anyone: newborn infants, babies, one year olds, toddlers and parents.

  • CLASSIC NURSERY RHYME SONGS: Itsy-Bitsy Spider (小小的蜘蛛), Two Tigers (两只老虎), Row Row Row Your Boat (划, 划, 划小船), Find A Friend (找朋友), Mama is the Best In This World (世上只有妈妈好) and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (一闪一闪小星星).
  • SOOTHING & NATURAL VOICE. Bao Bao Learns Chinese features a real mom singing in a loving and calming voice.  At the press of a button, each nursery rhyme is sung twice in Chinese with musical accompaniment. With three songs from the East and three from the West, kids and parents alike can learn Mandarin Chinese through music.
  • SUPPORTS EARLY LEARNING & EDUCATION. Every song is written in English, Mandarin and PinYin (phonetic pronunciation of Mandarin characters) for easy language learning through music.
  • BEAUTIFUL, DURABLE AND SAFE. The perfect board book and a great gift for newborn infants to toddlers. Non-tearing board book pages. Batteries included. Comes with easy volume controls and mute options.

Also available in Volume 2 and Volume 3.

From the Author:
"Hi! I’m Peipei. I was born and raised in Shanghai, China and immigrated to the States at 13. After becoming a mom, I realized there was a shortage of high-quality bilingual books that could help my newborn son learn Mandarin. So I created Bao Bao Learns Chinese. This book was born out of a clear need to not only support my son, but hopefully children everywhere, in early Mandarin learning. It was a labor of love that took me over a year to create, and I couldn't be more proud of the result! I truly hope you and your little ones will enjoy the book! -- Peipei Zhou"

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Good quality books

Kids love these sound books so so much! Our family do not speak mandarin at home. Our understanding of it is also very little. Our 6 year old has been attending a chinese language centre for the past year. The recognition of words do not stick at all. After listening to the music, she is able to recognize so much more words and also was able to understand the meaning of it better so much so her teacher called to inform us.

The books have also created an interest in learning the language more. She is also able to relate to some song a as her school has sung it before. Definitely worth buying all 3 of the volumes!

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