How do PeapodMats work?

  • The liquid is dispersed quickly between the top and middle layers. Unlike some mattress protectors, PeapodMats washable bed pads absorb the liquid, so it doesn't sit on top of the mat, wetting the entire bedding.
  • Please note that although PeapodMats absorbs liquid quickly, the mat remains wet to touch and we recommend changing your PeapodMat after the bedwetting accident.

What size should I choose?

  • Medium - toddler and single beds, up to 4 years old 

  • Large - single and double beds, anyone over 4 years old, co-sleeping 
  • Medium PeapodMat is strongly recommended up to 3-4 years of age, depending on the size of your child and bed size.

What are PeapodMats made of?

PeapodMats is made with POD-TEX™technology - a unique triple-layer design to create a leakproof, breathable and reusable bedwetting/incontinence mat. The PeapodMat is a unique combination of 3 layers that creates a super-absorbent, breathable, waterproof mat.



  1. TOP LAYER - Breathable terry cotton. Grid stitched to prevent bunching.
  2. MID LAYER - Polyester wadding. To absorb and disperse moisture.
  3. UNDER LAYER - TPU coated polyester for waterproofing and to grip to surfaces. PeapodMats® ' TPU waterproof coating are certified by an independent third-party lab to be free of lead, cadmium, mercury and all phthalates. PeapodMats® are a green solution for the environment!

    Best position for PeapodMat?

    •  We highly recommend that the PeapodMat be placed slightly under the pillow.  

    How much can PeapodMat absorb?

     Does PeapodMat work on all surfaces?