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50 Flash cards, 100 first Chinese characters

Designed by a Montessori Mum for the Children to learn Chinese effectively. 
  • DESIGNED FOR YOUNG LEARNERS. These flash cards help parents to increase Chinese conversation between children and parents, grandparents, educators. Great for bilingual Chinese families and non-Chinese speaking families to learn Chinese in a fun & engaging way by SEEING, HEARING and MATCHING the cards.
  • EFFECTIVE LANGUAGE LEARNING. Unique and effective dual language approach of teaching, ideal for children. Montessori inspired help children learn quickly and promote a love of learning. Use flash cards to learn the characters, meaning, common phrases of the Chinese characters and increase their Chinese vocabulary.
  • LARGE PRINT & PREMIUM CARDS The premium flash cards feature 50 premium flash cards First 100 Chinese characters. Help your children to learn Chinese by seeing, hearing and matching the words.
  • PLAY & LEARN Chinese Children can use Sand Tray (sold separately) to practise writing correctly follow the stroke orders on the cards. This hands-on process help children to engage with their learning and use multi-senses to enhance their learning experience.
  • CARD HOLDER INCLUDED. The package contains 50 premium flash cards First 100 Chinese characters and a card holder. The card holder can be used for displaying the cards the more children see the cards the more they learn.
Use three simple steps of INTRODUCTION, IDENTIFICATION and REMEMBERING to help children learn vocabulary and new concepts effectively. This method instruction video demonstration is available.


  • 50 premium and colourful flash cards First 100 Chinese characters.
  • Large Chinese characters printed on the cards, make it easier for children to see and learn it.
  • Use flash cards to learn the characters, meaning, stroke orders, common phrases of the Chinese characters and increase their Chinese vocabulary.
  • Use flash cards and Sand Tray (sold separately) as hands-on activity to help children learn to practise Chinese writing correctly and recognise Chinese characters, great for older children to practise and remember what they learned.
  • These flash cards help parents to bond and increase Chinese conversation with children, building up their Chinese vocabulary in a fun & engaging way.

This pack includes: 50 premium flash cards (10x15cm), 1 wooden card holder (15cm).

Mandarin prodigies MP03

The flash cards are laminated and round cornered for safety and durability. Designed in Australia. Printed in China. Recommended age 3+ Caution: Children 3 years and under should be supervised when using cards. Cards should not be chewed or sucked on, doing so may result in small parts causing a choking hazard.


About Manadarin Prodigies:

Mandarin Prodigies is founded by JuanJuan Kristin Yu, a mother of 3 with the aim to help children learn Chinese. Armed with an Diploma in Montessori Early Childhood, Mandarin Prodigies Chinese learning materials are inspired by Montessori methods. Mandarin Prodigies products aim to empower parents to make Chinese learning with your kids playful, fun and rewarding. It is never too early to show Chinese characters to our children and expose them to its language. Our vision is to see children love the language and use the resources to learn Chinese naturally帮助我们的孩子热爱中文,轻松学中文。

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