Books | Habbi Starter Set (Wand + 5 Books)


Our Starter Set is the perfect entry into Habbi Habbi's world of bilingual learning, offering a mix of Word, Phrase and Sentence books from our collection.  Every inch of our books is tappable, bringing each page to life with sound and music. Language learning has never been so playful and fun!

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This set includes: 

  • 1 Reading Wand
  • 5 Books in English-Chinese (Simplified with pinyin) 
    • Book of First Words [Word book]
    • Foodie Friends [Word book]
    • Book of First Phrases [Phrase book]
    • Book of Emotions [Phrase book]
    • I Am Kind [Sentence book] 
    • Size: 19.5 cm x 19.5 cm 

1. Book of First Words beautifully illustrates early vocabulary like Colors, Numbers, Transportation and more.  

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 Spreads: Colors, Numbers, Shapes, Fruit, Vegetables, Transportation, Weather  

Every inch is tappable: 

  • Tap words: To hear the text read aloud
  • Tap illustration: To hear the text reinforced
  • Tap white space: To hear a fun musical tune   

2. The Foodie Friends are having a potluck party!  Join them as they think about their favorite foods and decide what to bring to the party.  It's a mouthwatering good time.  

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Spreads: Dream intro, Finger foods, Proteins, Spreads and dips, Drinks, Desserts, Potluck party  

Every inch is tappable: 

  • Tap words or sentence: To hear the text read aloud
  • Tap spot illustrations: To hear the text reinforced 
  • Tap potluck illustration: To explore the feast the foodie friends are having 
  • Tap foodie friends: To hear their expression and discussion 
  • Tap white space: To hear a fun musical tune  


3. First Phrases gives kids the tools for early conversations - whether making an introduction to a new friend, asking for a snack or finding the bathroom. Build their skills and confidence to start interacting in another language! 

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 Spreads: Greetings, Introductions, Times of the Day, Snack Time, Bathroom, Holidays and Celebrations, Farewell  

Every inch is tappable: 

  • Tap conversation: To hear the text read aloud 
  • Tap the illustration: For fun sound effects from toilets flushing to phones ringing 


4. Book of Emotions helps kids articulate and express emotions - from Calm to Angry, from Powerful to Vulnerable - while demonstrating synonyms and antonyms. 

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 Spreads: Happy & Joyful, Sad & Unhappy, Calm & Relaxed, Angry & Grumpy, Strong & Powerful, Weak & Vulnerable, Worthy & Valued  

Every inch is tappable: 

  • Tap phrase: To hear the text read aloud 
  • Tap the illustration from top to bottom: To hear 6 additional contextual phrases about the emotion
  • Tap the white space: For a musical tune uniquely paired to each emotion


5. I Am Kind models things that kids (and adults!) can do to be kind on a daily basis - from sharing with others, to extending a helping hand, to being inclusive, and more.  

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 Spreads: Inclusiveness, Community, Empathy, Kind words, Sharing, Helping, Forgiveness  

Every inch is tappable: 

  • Tap left-side sentences: To hear it read aloud
  • Tap right side illustration: To explore their environment, including body parts (arms, legs) and the objects around them (basketball, grass) 
  • Tap the kids' faces: To hear their conversation with each other 
  • Tap white space: For a fun musical tune, unique to each page 


Learn Chinese with Habbi Habbi Books: 

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Great tool for all the family.

My daughter loves the books, it's possible to change the languages to Chinese , English or both. Pictures are colourful and fun. I'm learning Chinese with my daughter this tool. It's quick to set up. Books are thick and great quality.

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