Books | First Emotions: I feel Brave


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Cute, illustrated characters introduce young readers to being brave, and with the help of this little board book, gives them ways to push past their fears.

I Feel Brave is designed to help young children recognise their fears and understand how brave feels on the inside. Youngsters can follow the story of the little brave Rainbow who explores all the things that children can be courageous about. Questions such as, "What have you done that is brave?", turn the book into a fun, interactive experience. This colourful board book will help readers see that you don't need to be brave all the time, giving examples of when we shouldn't be brave in everyday life, and shows us that we're all a lot braver than we think.

Cute character illustrations paired with simple, interactive text make I Feel Brave an ideal gift for little ones and a helpful tool for pre-schoolers to better understand and name their emotions. 

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