Books | You Got This, Mama! - Elizabeth Swenson

Being a mom is HARD--don't let anyone tell you otherwise. The first few months (or let's be real, 18 years) after bringing a new baby home can be tiring and messy. Mothers need encouragement, inspiration, and a good laugh. You Got This, Mama!: From Boobs to Blowouts, a Survival Guide for New Mothers is a visual guide to new motherhood with illustrated quotes, hilarious infographics, and encouraging thoughts to power new moms through another day. Real, honest, and beautifully designed, this is the guide for moms that we didn't know we needed.
"Swenson's guidebook takes the edge off of serious questions without dismissing the difficulties of infant and self-care... its breakdown of important questions with a best friend's humor and accurate, real-world practicality makes it both useful and entertaining supplemental reading, not to mention a great gift for new parents."
-Jennifer Oleinik, Shelf Awareness

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