Books | First Emotions: My Little Box of Emotions

Children will learn why they feel happy, sad, angry, and proud in this colourful collection of illustrated books. It is often difficult for children to articulate their emotions and to understand why they act the way they do. Each book in this set covers a different emotion that little ones feel on a regular basis, but might not fully understand or know how to deal with. In I Feel Angry, young children will learn the best way to deal with angry feelings, and what happens in the body when we get angry. I Feel Proud encourages kids to reflect on what makes them feel proud, and why it's important to have pride in themselves. Fun characters illustrate each emotion, from a little teardrop representing Sadness to a smiling sun for Happiness, and simple text is ideal for reading aloud. This collection of board books is the ideal gift for every young child, and makes a stylish addition to any bookshelf.

ISBN: 9780241464168

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