BeSafe | iZi Turn B i-size Car Seat


360 rotation car seat from newborn to 4 years old! 

iZi Turn B i-Size offers easy-access to your child with 360° rotation seat and combines a baby seat and toddler seat into one by featuring the unique BeSafe Baby Shell™ and Newborn Hugger™. We strongly recommend you to keep your child rear facing all the way to 105 cm (approx. 4 years), but it gives you the option of turning it to the side for easy access to baby and using it forward facing if needed. Comes with ISOfix. 


  • Stature height: rear facing: 40 – 105 cm, forward facing: 88 – 105 cm
  • Stature height rear facing with Baby Shell™: 40 - 87cm
  • Stature height rear facing without Baby Shell™: 61 - 105cm
  • Stature height forward facing without Baby Shell™: 88 - 105cm
  • Max. weight: 18 kg
  • Age: approx. 0 – 4 years (Disclaimer)
  • Direction: 360° rotation available for easy access to baby and allow for front facing for older kids.
  • Installation: ISOfix
  • Car seat weight: 15kg
  • W X D X H: 44 x 73 x 50cm (with headrest in lowest postion)
  • Sear height with headrest in highest position: 62cm
  • Baby-Secure Swivel™ (no front rotation allowed with baby shell)
  • Universal Level Technology™ for to seat to be in installed in horizontal level in any car.
  • Dynamic Force Absorber™ for side impact protection
  • Baby-Shell™ for a comfortable usage from birth with protective side walls and an especially back-friendly position
  • Newborn Hugger™ to keep newborns supported and allow them to lie even flatter
  • Magnetic Belt Assistants™ to keep seat belts attached to the sides, make getting in and out of the seat easy

Highlight #1: the Baby-Secure Swivel

Less risk of misuse means safer travels at all ages

Babies must travel rear facing any time and we’re here to make sure they can’t be accidentally turned forward facing too early. That is why the base & Baby Shell are equipped with a locking mechanism that prevents forward facing use while the Baby Shell™ is in place.

Highlight #2: the Universal Level Technology

Why buy a seat that might be too upright in your car and make your child uncomfortable when you can have the Universal Level Technology™ instead? No matter how steep your vehicle seats are, it enables a horizontal installation and comfortable rear facing travels at all times thanks to having the seat embedded into the base at an angle.

Highlight #3: the Dynamic Force Absorber

The most innovative side impact protection out there

If you fell from a great height, wouldn’t you also want to have a safe landing on a trampoline, which slows you down gently and controlled? That’s exactly what the Dynamic Force Absorber™ does in case of a side impact. Its innovative design of alternating V-shaped holes creates flex-zones that allow for a perfectly controlled and very gentle “catching” of the child. This way, the material can elongate in two directions in an impact and goes back to its original surface instead of staying deformed after the impact.

Highlight #4: Up to 8x More Air Flow with 3D Mesh Fabric

Available in Peak Mesh and Anthracite Mesh, you child will be extra comfortable in the BeSafe 3D-Mesh fabric which has an open structure and a spacer layer with a 3D structure. That way, heat and moisture are guided away from the child, while air can flow in-between the layers. With this system, the BeSafe 3D Mesh fabric offers up to 8x higher air permeability.

Triple-layer-Safety from birth

  • One-of-a-kind Baby Shell™ for unique protection from birth
  • Built-in side impact protection (SIP) in the seat shell
  • Additional side impact protection SIP+ with a customised shape
  • Protective and soft headrest with innovative Dynamic Force Absorber™
  • Baby-Secure Swivel™ reduces the risk of misuse by letting babies travel rear facing only
  • Approved to the latest UN R129 regulation
  • Allows children to always travel 5x safer rear facing until approx. 4 years of age

State-of-the-art functionality for an easy everyday use

  • Magnetic Belt Assistants™ make getting in and out of the seat easy
  • Easily accessible with convenient side-to-side rotation from birth on & full 360° flexibility later for older children
  • Adjustable recline positions even after installation for older children
  • Optical & audio indicators for installation feedback
  • One-action adjustment of headrest and belts

Individualized Comfort

  • Universal Level Technology™ for the best sitting angle in any car
  • High-quality materials
  • Soft Newborn Hugger™ for stability and support
  • Exceptional comfort with 4 recline positions
  • 10-step adjustable headrest to grow with the child
  • Optimal air access through the ventilation system in the back
  • Certified as especially back-friendly by the German organisation AGR

Note: With the Baby Shell™ installed, the seat can only be used most reclined and rear facing or rotated to the side.


Installation video


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